ICenter Review

This ICenter review is based on my own personal experience of using the ICenter telegram bots to earn fabulous returns.  I started using ICenter just before Christmas 2017, at the time they had only just released the litecoin bot.  The bitcoin bot had already been operational for around 6 months.  My experience with ICenter has been a really positive one and, following my withdrawal strategy of 60% reinvest, 40% withdraw, I have made a tidy little profit already and continue to withdraw every week.  I have also built a large team with this (who doesn’t want to earn money while they sleep?), so this has obviously helped to achieve results more quickly.

What do ICenter offer?

The ICenter opportunity, which can be accessed from my short term investments page, involves two bots (they will soon be releasing a third bot).  The first bot offers to increase your bitcoin, with returns of 1.2% per day for 120 days.  This is paid every 6 hours.  You receive notifications when you have earned any bitcoin.  The second bot offers to grow your litecoin.  The returns on the litecoin bot are slightly better at 1.4% per day for 99 days and are also paid in increments every 6 hours.  As soon as you deposit the funds, you will receive a notification in telegram, then you will receive earnings notifications every 6 hours until the end of the deposit term.

Once you reach the minimum thresholds (0.1 LTC for the litecoin bot and 0.01 BTC for the bitcoin bot), you can withdraw or reinvest your funds.  Simply press the buttons on the bot to either ‘reinvest’ or ‘withdraw’.  You will need to set your wallet address each time you withdraw, by pasting it into the message box and sending it.  Then you follow the instructions and enter the command /out followed by the amount you wish to withdraw (e.g. /out 0.2).  The funds will arrive in your external wallet in a short amount of time.  I do this weekly and have never had a problem with the withdrawal function.

If you require customer support, this can be accessed through ICenter facebook page by sending a message.  I have always found the support to be responsive, knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

What do ICenter do with investors’ funds?

I have previously blogged about how to make money while you sleep.  Though ICenter could be considered a HYIP as it offers returns of over 1% per day, its strategy is unique.  ICenter invests in a range of different HYIPs, mining projects, trading platforms and even sports betting websites.  In so doing, ICenter diversifies the risk so that if one project fails, the other projects can sustain the company’s operations.  ICenter also acknowledge that some projects only last a short amount of time, and they have accounted for the possibility of projects being discontinued in their strategy.  ICenter is transparent about the different projects they invest in and provide regular reports on where investor funds have been invested.  Diversification is a great way to minimise the risk of loss, and for this reason I would even go as far as to say ICentermay well be sustainable for the longer term.

How much do I need to start?

For the litecoin bot, you can start with as little as 0.1 LTC (currently less than £20).  This is also the minimum threshold for withdrawal and reinvest.  For the bitcoin bot, the minimum is a little more at 0.01 BTC (currently around £80) and is also the minimum for reinvest and withdrawal.

What are the risks?

I have explained the risks of these opportunities in a previous post.  Personally, I believe that ICenter is investing funds in projects rather than using new investor funds to pay existing investor, and is therefore not a ‘ponzi’ scheme.  ICenter is in fact in the downline of one of the affiliates who is using their bots, so we know that they are investing in at least one of the projects they claim to be investing with.  Also, if we are looking at sustainability, we can consider the daily net interest.  The daily net interest can be calculated by multiplying the daily interest percentage by the number of days of the term, and then taking away 100.  Then we divide our answer by the number of days included in the term of the deposit.  Thus, 1.4 x 99 – 100 = 38.6%.  38.6 / 99 = 0.39%.  Thus, the daily net interest (DNI) is actually only 0.39%.  DNI rates up to 1% per day are more likely to survive for the longer term than programmes which have a DNI higher than 1%.

Final thoughts

As mentioned previously, all these programmes are inherently risky.  It is up to you to decide whether to risk your money on any of these programmes.  If you do, NEVER risk more than you can afford to lose.  For me, this programme is going really well. If you want to join, please follow the process outlined on my short term investments page.

Please feel free to leave your own reviews of ICenter in the comments.  It would be great to hear about other people’s experiences.






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