Free Crypto

Believe it or not, there are ways of collecting free crypto!  Bitcoin faucets are a reward system, which pay small amounts of bitcoin for completing a captcha or task on the website.  There are a few of them I am using which I will share below.

The first thing required is a coinpot cryptocurrency micro-wallet.  This is where your cryptocurrency will be paid each time you complete the captcha on each of the different sites.  You can open your coinpot account here:

Once you have registered, simply enter the email address you used to create the coinpot account into the box on each of the following pages to claim the different coins.  It is worth claiming all of them, as you can then convert all of them to one coin and withdraw.  I have converted all mine to litecoin and withdrawn to my uphold wallet.  Also, claim every day to build up your daily bonus (goes up to 100% but back down to 0% if you miss a day).

Claim Bitcoin

Claim Bitcoin Cash

Claim Litecoin

Claim Dash

Claim Dogecoin

Happy Free Earning 🙂